Moving Supplies

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Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are an indistinguishable weight and quality from common delivery boxes unless you buy some produced using thicker cardboard that considers heavier pressing. Along these lines, the inquiry a great many people have is, should I buy moving boxes or discover some somewhat utilized from supermarkets or companions who’ve quite recently as of late moved.

Wardrobe Boxes

Bobby’s storage Heavy Duty Wardrobe Box is extraordinary for hanging, pressing, moving and putting away your jeans, dresses, suits and night wear. Likewise awesome for wraps, bedding, cultivate devices or carport things. Ideal for moving straightforwardly from the storage room to moving box enabling apparel to remain on holders. Has handles for simple lifting. Closet bars included.

Flat Screen TV Moving Boxes

Bobby’s Television Moving Box is ideal for packing, putting away and moving level board Plasma and LCD TVs. This expandable TV moving box is a top-notch arrangement exceptionally intended to telescope and move costly level screen TVs. This moving box additionally works awesome for moving mirrors, fine art, and curiously large pictures.

Dish Barrels

Simple to pack with prevalent insurance… the dish barrel moving box is utilized by proficient moving organizations all over Canada. Dish barrel moving boxes give additional insurance to your dishes, crystal, and delicate things. Produced with a twofold layer of creased cardboard to make an additional solid twofold walled box, the dish barrel can be utilized with or without the cell pack (imagined next to the case and sold independently). The cell pack fits effortlessly into the dish barrel with dividers that can be changed in accordance with fit bigger things.

Dish & Glass Protection

The Dish Packing Kit is ideal for pressing, moving and putting away the majority of your dishes and China including plates, bowls, serving dishes, containers, and saucers. Our dish pack incorporates sturdy froth pockets to secure your dishes and China and a layered divider to compartmentalize and shield your dinnerware from harm while making extra help for the crate.

The Public Storage glass pressing unit is ideal for pressing, moving and putting away the majority of your dish sets. Our glass pressing pack incorporates strong froth pockets to secure your drinking glasses and stemware and also a layered divider to compartmentalize and shield your glasses from harm while making extra help for the case.

Mirror Moving Boxes

The mirror moving boxes are made such that the sizes fit the mirror flawlessly. The Public Storage Art, Picture and Mirror Box is ideal for pressing, moving and putting away your most loved things, for example, canvases or wall decor.

Retail Bubble Packs

We at Bobby’s give an extensive variety of air pocket pressing items in all sizes and measurements for the comfort of the considerable number of customers. Or maybe it is an expansive or a little material to be wrapped, we got everything to satisfy your prerequisites.

Stretch Wrap & Packing Peanuts

Bobby’s Wide Stretch Wrap is incredible for pressing, packaging and securing all your little things for capacity. Our superior extend film offers accompanies a simple hold handle for simple extends film application. 5″ Stretch Film otherwise called packaging film is perfect for packaging things together, for example, bed outlines, wrapping dressers to keep drawers shut amid moving or packaging hardware, for example, paper shredders or printers to keep pieces shut and together.

Peanuts or Loose Fill makes an awesome, lightweight, and sparing void fill for delivery Accessible in Anti-static and eco-accommodating Bio-Degradable.

Protective Foam

Produced using 100% low-thickness polyethylene. Perfect for surface assurance, interleaving, and padding. Adaptable and non-scratching. Lightweight to decrease shipping costs. Earth cordial and 100% recyclable.


Chateau Mattress, Furniture, and General Purpose Covers are all available exclusively from Bobby’s convinence store. Sleeping cushion/Sofa/Chair Cover is ideal for ensuring Mattress, couches, and seats from being torn or harmed amid moving and capacity. The Mattress/Sofa/Chair cover ensures against rain, soil, and tidy. The Mattress/Sofa/Chair cover can likewise be utilized as a canvas on the base of your stockpiling unit to keep earth from entering objects and as a drop material. Additionally ensures substantial things, for example, tickers, dressers, closets, and tables. This furniture pack is likewise Re-usable.

Packing Tape & Dispensers

The atmosphere you work in, the sort of box you use, in addition to the heaviness of the case, all assume an essential part in picking the correct tape. Our extensive variety of tape items for moving and transporting incorporates, Carton boxes fixing tape, Kraft tape, and tape gadgets, Regular concealing tape and Packing Tape

Knives, Gloves & Markers

At Bobby’s you will discover everything identified with moving supplies. Blades assume a considerable part with regards to pressing stuff. Gloves help you with cuts, scratches and tidy. Markers, then again, causes you to recognize boxes, with the goal that it encourages you while unpacking.

Packing Paper

A productive and ease other option to shelled nut void fill. Extraordinary for ensuring and wrapping things. Clean newsprint that won’t leave marks. Perfect for pressing dishes and glasses.

Moving Blankets

Moving cushions or moving covers are best used to wrap touchy furniture and other fragile merchandise amid travel when moving.Benefits of moving covers are that it Protects furniture from scratches, Keeps furniture clean while moving and Quality sewing guarantees sturdiness and longer item life.

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